Most of my water colors have been done while traveling. Objects often touch me because of their intimacy or symbolism. They might be a favorite article of someone I love, a tool or a beautiful shell I found on a distant shore. The objects might rest on or hang suspended before a landscape or background I want to remember or want to share with the person the painting is for. The issues I am concerned with, described in my Artist’s Statement, are often my subject matter.

Watercolor Gallery


This painting is homage to my mother who passed away some time ago. The clock was on her desk when I was growing up. I still have it. The bracelet she often wore. And the perfume, “En Avion” is no longer made. It was her signature scent and most intensely reminds me of her.

America the Beautiful

This painting was done just after September 11th.
Our country’s “purple mountain majesty” is in the background,
A deflated ballon of the American flag on broken glass symbolizes shattered illusions.
The dagger from Yemen reminds me of Osama Bin Laden and other extremist fanatics. The horse skull is the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death.

Pelagic Cry

The Painting is about the unfettered mining of sea life.
The egg symbolizes sustainability. The largest mature fish of a species produce exponentially more eggs than younger ones. They are also the most valuable in the market.
The tuna can refers to human consumption and factory ships which harvest sea life without regard for their ability to sustain the pressure.
The vertebrae is a death symbol for both the fish and us.